14 Ways To Reduce Belly Fat And It’s Not All Exercise

Enjoying the comfort of your couch a little too much? Doesn’t matter what level you’re at, cardio is the easiest and best way to burn fat and fast! You can walk, run, or jog that belly and side fat away. The ideal workout should combine cardio and weights. That way you burn fat and build muscle. Not all of us have weights sitting around at home, so get creative! A laundry basket full of clothes, a gallon of milk, a Tupperware full of frozen spaghetti sauce. If it’s got weight, you can lift it!

But it’s not just exercise that can help you get the slim waist of your dreams! Just get a good night’s sleep! You really do lose fat while you sleep. It’s when your body repairs muscles, cleans out toxins, and converts fat into energy for the next day. When you don’t get enough quality sleep every night, your body reacts by releasing a stress hormone, Cortisol. This keeps your body in fight or flight mode, not healing and fat burning mode. It’s never been easier to slim down and get fit!


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