15 minute Manifestation 


This is going to be a quick review where i'll try my best to give a comprehensive review- What you can expect? What is inside this Program?

I'll cover everything in this review.


Product Name: 15 Minute Manifestation

Product Type: Personal Development Audio-based program

Founder: Eddie Sergey

Price: $79 $49

Best For: Anyone who wants to be wealthy, healthy, and want a long-lasting relationship.

Summary: 15 Minute Manifestation is an Audio-based program which will help you reprogram your subconscious brain to achieve anything in life.

I know it sounds “over-promising” and scammy. But you will get this point in a second.

-If someone comes to you and tell you: “Enroll to my $50 worth of the online program, after which you will be able to make millions $$$, have a great partner and “forever happiness”.

Your reaction will be: “Get the Fu#k out from here…..!!! it is insane, right?

-Have you ever watched Tony Robbin? a famous self-help expert, who has helped millions of people to achieve their dream life.

-According to him, Our Subconscious brain plays an important role in our life. It the place
where the birth of belief takes place and habit started to manifest.

 It the place which largely affects our actions and daily activities. As per the research, 40% of our daily activities occur due to our habits.

So the way you condition your subconscious brain, the output follows accordingly.

Let say, you started to Condition your brain to achieve $10k/month with affirmation, visualization, journaling for a sustained period of time, it will push you to take massive action.

The Thought of success will create an immersive experience and at this point, you will start to realize “your thoughts are your reality”.

My recommendation:

if you are super interested in self-development, you should attain Tony Robbins’ self-improvement program, But make sure that you have hefty cash.

If you don’t have enough cash, then "15-minute manifestation" is the cheapest option available for you.

So You might have questions in your head, what I will get in this program?

In the program, you will be given, 3 audio tracks, each track for seven days, so overall it will take 21 days to complete. You have to devote 15 minutes to listen to this audio to reprogram your brain.

It is very important to focus on the voice and what it says so that you will start to imagine and it will immerse in your subconscious brain.

As you will listen to this, magic will start to appear in 21 days, A belief will be created in your subconscious mind which will be your reality.

In this program, you will get

-A quick start Guide for Audio track
-3 Main Audio Track + 1 Bonus track
-Manifestation workbook

The Meat of the course is its tracks, so let’s learn more about it…

First track: Your Natural State

It is designed to help you to clean the clutters, limiting belief of your mind, and help you
to achieve a neutral state where you start to believe that “Great Success is achievable”.

Second Track: Your New story

Once I had read the book “What to Say When You Talk to Yourself” by Shad Helmstetter, Ph. D.
and the core message was ” You start to believe what you tell yourself”

After removing all the limiting beliefs, this is the time for a new story to tell yourself.

Third track: Moving Towards Abundance:

This track is about “attracting the desired life you want”.
it includes visualization techniques, which will help you to get clarity in life.

Bonus track: Deep sleep Now

Here you will get 30-minute audio, which will help you to sleep faster.


it has 1 year 100% money-back guarantee:
If you are not satisfied with the product or if it didn’t work for, then you can take advantage
of 100% Money back guarantee.

Backed By Science:

“15-minute manifestation” is created in collaboration with London University.

Digital Product: 

As it is a digital product, which you can download, so there is no worries about shipping at all.

No Extra Knowledge requires: it doesn’t require any degree.


As a result and impact can’t be shown in real numbers so, you will never know, does it really working for you or not.

The result varies from person to person. it may work for some people and may not work for some.

If you give enough time to it, surely you will see the result.

There is no definite time period within which you will see the result, ( here, the result means, the outcome you have expected in your life.)

So if you think, you have patience and will do whatever it takes to achieve your dream. then it is for you.

A small request from my side:– Don’t be very skeptical while joining this program, because, your the mind will show you ONLY all the reasons, why the program is trash, and eventually, it won’t work for you.

I hope you loved this review…

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