3 Soothing Home Remedies For Lost Voice

Lost your voice? Well, you might have opened your mouth to speak and realized that all you can do is whisper or croak!

The most common cause of losing your voice is Laryngitis. It occurs when your vocal cords (larynx) are irritated, inflamed, or swollen and can be treated by using some simple home remedies for lost voice.

Your vocal cords can get irritated when you get to over use your voice or an infection, especially viral infections like common cold.

How do you know its Laryngitis?

The most common sign of laryngitis is a raspy or hoarse voice. Other symptoms include:

– Loss of voice

– Pitch fluctuations in your voice

– Irritated throat

– Sore throat

– A frequent urge to cough

What are the best home remedies for lost voice?

Typically, Laryngitis heals without much care, but it can also become chronic. To get back your voice quickly, you will have to treat the irritation and inflammation. Try one of these home remedies to get your voice back.

1. Tea with honey

A warm cup of tea is a very soothing for an irritated or inflamed throat. Herbal teas like, green tea and chamomile contain antioxidants that help facilitate the healing process. Research has proven that chamomile has some inflammatory properties, which makes it a perfect choice.

Power up your tea with honey. Its healing powers are undeniable. It is effective at treating coughs and soothing the throat.

2. Ginger root

This herb has many health benefits. It works by suppressing the irritating, dry cough that comes with laryngitis. It also treats throat infections. Add freshly squeezed ginger juice into juices, smoothies, and hot water. Drink it three times a day.

3. Fresh garlic

It has been used in traditional medicine to treat infections for thousands of years. Different cultures use it in different ways. Studies confirm that garlic has antibacterial properties that help fight off infections. Dice up some fresh garlic cloves and put them in salad, drinks, or food.

While those are our top three remedies for lost voice. Here are some more self-care remedies to help you get your voice back fast.

– Take a hot shower. Steam from the hot shower will help sooth your vocal cords and throat. Adding some essential oil like eucalyptus and inhaling it may be more helpful.

– Do Steaming. An alternative to taking a hot shower is steaming. Hold your head up over a pan of boiling water. Breathe through your mouth, deeply, for about five minutes. The steam will moisten your irritated vocal cords and give you some relief.

– Rest your voice. Talk half as much as usually talk or even less. The best remedy for your irritated vocal cords is giving them a good rest. Do this for one to two days. If you must talk, talk quietly.

– Gargle with salt. Mix a tablespoon of salt with a glass of water. Gargle with this salt mixture three to four times a day. The salt helps heal the inflamed and irritated tissues.

– Drink lots of warm liquids. Warm liquids like soup, broth, and even tea will help sooth your throat. Make an effort of drinking these warm fluids at least five times daily. Try to avoid caffeine drinks such as black tea and coffee.

In conclusion, you really can treat these symptoms using a number of home remedies for lost voice. If your Laryngitis persists for more than two weeks or a month, you may have chronic Laryngitis. You should visit a doctor for further investigation and proper treatment.

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