4 Awesome Tips & Herbal Remedies for Nausea

Nausea is a common symptom that affects so many of us on a daily basis. Nausea can be caused by various factors, including; food poisoning, unpleasant smell from foods, or surroundings and more. Herbal remedies for nausea are a great option, since some people have reported feeling nauseous after being prescribed a particle medicine. Also, nausea is quite common in pregnant women.

What are the best herbal remedies for nausea?

Although there are medicines prescribed to relieve nausea, you can opt to go the natural way with the use of these herbal remedies or other methods that help relieve nausea naturally.

1. Use ginger

Of all the proven herbal remedies for nausea, ginger is one of the best. It has been used for a long time as a nausea cure. Ginger works for people who are prone to experiencing nausea regularly and for long periods of time. This could be pregnant women, people undergoing chemotherapy among others.

Ginger can be used in various ways aside from eating it raw. You can add it to your food considering it is a food spice, add it to your cup of tea or even your water. Ginger has no side effects and has other benefits to the body, so you can take it as many times as you want. There are many compounds found in ginger that work as anti-nauseatic.

2. Control your breathing

Although not a herbal remedy for nausea, this method is very effective and should be included in our list. This is an excellent natural remedy that can help you relieve nausea. This method works by controlling the way you inhale and exhale to reduce nausea. It is quite easy to perform, and you are required to be in a cool area, or even outdoors.

How to perform the breathing remedy:

Sit down and breathe in through your nose while you count to three, hold your breath for another three seconds and then exhale through your mouth. Repeat the same process four times. A research was conducted to see if this method is effective in reducing nausea. The research showed that it reduces nausea up to 62 percent or more, if performed accordingly.

3. Avoid large portions of meals

If you eat large amounts of food that your stomach cannot contain, the excess food in the stomach causes excess acid formation, and thus the stomach reacts by triggering nausea. So, to avoid this from happening, eat small portions in a day and at different intervals. Know when to stop eating when you feel full.

4. Peppermint therapy

Peppermint is also among the best herbal remedies for nausea. You don’t necessarily need to consume it as the aroma from the herb alone can help relieve nausea. Peppermint has been known to work on women who have had a c- section who regularly experience nausea. Just inhale the aroma from the peppermint and hold for a minute before releasing the aroma. Do this three times, and you will experience a reduction in your feeling of nausea.

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If you are looking for the safest methods to relieve nausea without using medicine prescription, try out the above-discussed techniques. They have been proven to work, plus the herbal remedies for nausea are readily available in most outlets. If you are on any medication, seek medical advise before taking any herbal nausea remedy.