4 Top Tips To Get Rid Of Stye In Upper Eyelid

Stye is a red, very painful lump either inside or at the edge of the eyelid. Stye in upper eyelid is quite common, and it is characterized by pain in the eyelid, swelling, redness, tenderness and swollen eyes.

They normally don’t cause vision problems but still can bring about other symptoms. Most styes can heal without medical treatment since the real cause of stye in upper eyelid is a bacteria called staphylococcal bacteria which are found in the nose. This bacteria is transferred easily when one rubs the nose and then the eyes.

How to get rid of a stye in upper eyelid?

There are several ways to get rid of a stye that has developed on the upper eyelid.

1. Clean

The first thing to do is to keep the upper eyelid clean. This can be done by using a diluted baby shampoo applied on a washcloth or cotton pad. Rinse the stye in the upper eyelid with gentle warm water and slowly dry the eyelid. It is advisable to not pop a stye. Make sure you clean your hands before and after cleaning the stye in the upper eyelid.

2. Use Tea Bags

A warm tea bag can also be effective in getting rid of a stye in the upper eyelid instead of a warm cloth. Black tea is recommended in this process because it helps reduce the swelling and has antibacterial properties that help in fighting the bacteria. Here is the whole process:

  • Boil water and add the black tea teabag in the water.
  • Let it steep for almost 1 minute. Now wait for the teabag to cool so as not to burn the eye.
  • When the temperature is good, apply the teabag on the stye in upper eyelid. Keep it there for about 5-10 minutes.
  • Use a separate teabag each time and also a separate teabag for each eye.

3. Use Warm Compression

Using warm compresses is also effective in getting rid of styes. This method helps in draining the stye since the warmth brings the pus to the surface and dissolves it. First, put a clean washcloth in warm water. The water should be warm enough, not hot.

Wring the cloth by dampening it but not dripping. Then gently apply the warm moist washcloth on the stye in the upper eyelid making sure not to squeeze or puncture the stye in the upper eyelid. Let it stay gently on the stye for about 5-10 minutes. This can be done several time a day.

4. Massaging

Massaging the area can also help in draining the stye in upper eyelid. It is important to massage the whole area combining it with eyelid wipes. Massage the stye very gently with clean hands. After the stye is drained, make sure the area stays clean and prevent yourself from touching yours eyes.

What next?

If stye in the upper eyelid does not seem to heal, it is very advisable to seek medical treatment. This can be done by using antibiotic ointments which can be bought over-the-counter at any local pharmacy. Apply them as per the instructions, either in the eye or on the stye in upper eyelid. It is also good to visit a medical examiner for better diagnosis and treatment of the stye.

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