7 Dangerous Foods To Avoid For Upset Stomach

Think back to the last time you had the flu, food poisoning, or a bout of IBS. You likely didn’t have a strong appetite. However, not all foods are created equal, there are some foods to avoid for upset stomach that you should know about. No matter how nauseus you feel you still have to provide nourishment for your body.

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What are the foods to avoid for upset stomach?

Here’s a list of seven of the most damaging foods that you should avoid for an upset stomach.

1. Processed Food

It can be tempting to reach into the pantry and make yourself a pot of mac & cheese when you’re having tummy problems. However, you should avoid processed foods. They typically contain preservatives and chemicals to lengthen their shelf life and can cause digestive issues. Also, they generally lack fiber, which won’t help during instances of constipation.

If you’re looking for a quick, easy-to-prepare meal, try oatmeal. It’s rich in fiber and packed with nutrition. But, keep in mind, if you’re experiencing diarrhea, it’s best to stay away from high-fiber foods. Instead, try more bland foods that are easier to digest, such as potatoes or rice.

2. Dairy

According to recent statistics, nearly half the population across the globe is lactose intolerant. Even if you don’t experience this allergy, lactose can still cause gas and bloating, especially when it’s exposed to viral or bacterial infections. So, try to stay away from milk, cream, and rich desserts.

If you have a strong dairy craving, you can try foods that don’t have lactose, such as yogurt. In fact, the probiotics in yogurt can help alleviate stomach problems by easing digestion. Not only can it help reduce diarrhea, but it can also help with IBS symptoms.

3. Acidic Foods

Highly acidic foods, like oranges and tomatoes, can cause acid reflex and irritation along the stomach lining. These side effects can actually worsen stomach pain or digestion issues. Keep in mind that sodas and fruit juice beverages also fall into this category and should be avoided.

If you have a fruit craving, try papaya. It contains an enzyme known as papain, which can aid in digestion.

4. Caffeine

Despite the allure of coffee on a sick and sleep deprived mind, it’s one of the top foods to avoid for upset stomach. Because caffeine is known to loosen stool and promote fast digestion, it can negatively affect those suffering from diarrhea. Try to avoid any beverages or foods containing caffeine, including chocolate, tea, and soda.

In place of caffeine, opt for water. During bouts of diarrhea or vomiting, your body can quickly become dehydrated. Some studies also suggest chamomile tea can help with digestion problems and nausea.

5. Spices

Although some spicy foods have great health benefits, they can also cause an upset stomach, especially when you’re already facing indigestion. If you’re not overly accustomed to spicy foods, they can be difficult to digest. So, while you’re feeling ill, spices are one of the top foods to avoid for an upset stomach.

6. Fried Food

Similar to any fatty food, fried dishes can cause stomach problems even when you’re not already ill. Because they are known to cause diarrhea and bloating, they should certainly be avoided when you’re experiencing an upset stomach.

Instead of fried foods, try eating a banana. Because bananas are rich in potassium, they can help decrease stomach pain and aid in digestion. In addition, bananas can increase the production of mucus in your tummy and prevent irritation to the stomach lining.




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