7 Trash Foods To Avoid For Abs

“Abs are made in the kitchen.” Well, this is common phrase really rings true, and highlights the importance of food in developing the abdominal muscles. In fact, unless your diet is on point and you know exactly which foods to avoid for abs, you can spend most of the time doing serious abdominal exercises at the gym but still get no results.

What are the foods to avoid for abs?

If you need to get those shredded set of abdominals, coming up with a proper diet to supplement your fat-burning exercises should be the starting point. But now the big question remains- what are some of the foods to avoid for abs? Well, in this article, we will be examining some of the main ones.

1. Alcohol

If alcohol is your thing, you will have to stay away from it to develop a cut stomach. Although alcohol packs approximately 7 calories per gram, your body prioritizes metabolizing these calories. This prevents the body from burning the calories stored in the excess fat making it impossible to lose weight and build muscle.

Additionally, alcohol highly affects your workout discipline. The underlying reason here is obvious; it becomes almost impossible to stick to your workout routine especially when you are in alcohol hangovers. And as we all know, building body muscles highly depends on hard work and consistency.

2. Sweetened drinks

Here, I’m mostly basing this on drinks such as soda and most store-bought fruit juices. These drinks contain high levels of sugar and therefore are enriched with calories. The rule of thumb here is this; for you to burn the stored calories, you have to consume a less amount of them than the body requires. This creates an inadequacy which forces the body to turn to the stored calories in order to generate the energy required by the body to operate normally.

3. Potato foods

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, you could have been recommended to take potatoes to help manage the condition since they pack more potassium. However, if you are in need of getting six-packs, consuming potatoes would not be wise since they contain a high number of calories and carbs which helps to add more weight instead of burning those stored as excess. Several studies have been carried out to determine the effect of potatoes on weight. Majority of these studies conclude that eating potatoes causes a substantial increase in weight.

4. Sugar-loaded foods

We have talked about the sweetened drinks. When it comes to the sugary foods, they are among the most important foods to avoid for abs. Examples of these foods include ice cream, yogurt, cakes, candy, and many others. Although some foods like yogurt are regarded healthy, they may not come in usful in your case since they contain crazy amounts of added sugar. These sugars kill the chances of burning calories since they introduce more calories into the body adding more weight.

5. Refined grains

Here, we are simply basing on things such as white rice, bread, pasta, among others. Although the unrefined grains such as wheat grains, brown rice, and quinoa are sometimes regarded as healthy, it is completely a different story when it comes to the refined ones. Refined grains make it difficult to cut on excess weight for you to start building the abs. A study conducted by researchers from Pennsylvania State University found out that people who consumed unrefined grains had an easier time to burn excess fat than those that were fed refined grains.

6. Fast food

Still on the list of foods to avoid for abs, fast foods also come packed with plenty of calories which add more pounds. Therefore, it would be wiser for you to cook in order to have control over the number of calories you take per serving.

7. Processed/red meat

Red meat or processed meat also contributes to weight gain if taken in excess. Therefore, if you need to end up looking good with your shirt off, you will have to stay away. But just in case you are a meat-lover, taking a small amount of red meat a number of times a week would be healthy.

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If you really need to build abdominal muscles, you will first need to know which foods to avoid for abs. These foods are normally rich in calories, carbs and sugar, which makes it almost impossible to burn the extra fat. Therefore, consider keeping away from the listed foods. The best way to avoid them is to avoid buying them in the first place.

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