top 3 Angular Cheilitis Causes and An Odd New Treatment

By Mary Seibert -

If you suffer from Angular Cheilitis then you already know how painful and embarrasing it can be, and how hard it is to get rid of it.

In some cases the painful cracks in the corners of the mouth can become inflamed, can bleed and even get infected, which makes normal everyday tasks like talking or eating a complete nightmare.

But keep reading because I'll discuss an interesting new treatment to rid yourself of Angular Cheilitis for good!

What Are The Causes?

1. Moisture

Probably the most important factor is the presence of moisture inside the mouth's folds. This moisture favors the build up of bacteria which will eventually lead to irritation and even infection.

2. Nutrition

Bad nutrition is also a factor which can trigger this condition. The lack of iron, zinc and riboflavin as well as a strong immune system that could effectively fight this type of aggression coming from the external world favor the fast development of Angular Cheilitis.

3. Chapped Lips

Continuously licking can easily transform into angular Cheilitis, especially if the environment in which the individual lives is a humid or cold one. This is why, in cold weather people are recommended not to lick their lips as they will not bring any relief to the sensations brought by chapped lips, but rather make the condition worse.

An Odd New Treatment

Usually, Angular Cheilitis is treated by doctors with antibiotics and with an ointment containing 1% hydrocortisone. Although this treatment may last for a short while, In many cases the condition keeps reappearing after again and again. That's why another treatment has come to light that can end Angular Cheilitis for good...

This new natural treatment is one you can do at home tonight and begin to see it's effects as soon as tomorrow.

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