Athalakkai Poriyal – Best Food For Diabetes Control / Momordica Stir Fry – Diabetes Home Remedy

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In this video, i have shared a best food for diabetes control that is Athalakkai Poriyal (Stir fry).

Momordica cymbalaria is commonly known as Karchikai (Kannada) or Athalakkai (Tamil) or Kasarakayee (Andhra Pradesh) and Kakrol (India). The medicinal herb also been named Luffa tuberose (Roxb) or Momordica tuberose (Roxb).

Momordica cymbalaria is a vine of the genus Momordica found in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu. It is a relative of the bitter melon plant (M. charantia). Cymbalaria (Athalakkai) is traditionally used for the treatment of diabetes mellitus, rheumatism, ulcer, skin disease, and diarrhoea.

உணவே மருந்து; ஆரோக்கியமே செல்வம்.

Food is Medicine; Health is Wealth.

i believe in this above quote……we can reduce sugar level naturally by eating this kind of foods….Visit our channel to know some more foods that prevent diabetes…..

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