Chat The Fat Episode 89: Kick Off Keto With A Low-carb Plan

It’s New Year’s resolution time, so that means it’s time for everyone to take a vow to jump right back into strict keto. This will allow you plenty of time to hit your beach body goals if in fact the beaches actually open up this year.

But if you’re brand new to keto, or if you’ve followed keto in the past but you’re struggling to get back on track, jumping straight into strict keto macros might not be the best plan for you.

Listen in as we discuss how using a Low-Carb Plan can set you up for a successful Keto Plan.

In this episode:

Some sobering statistics on New Year’s resolutions
Why start with Low-Carb when you can go big with Keto?
How to start a Low-Carb Plan
The benefits of using a food journal
How many carbs is considered low-carb?
What about calories?
When is it time to switch from a Low-Carb Plan to Keto?

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