Day 11 Plank Challenge// Yoga Strength Abs Core Fat Burn Weight Loss

Join me and challenge yourself! Commit to 12 days of unique plank exercises to build strength, amplify fat loss, energize your soul and strengthen the mind and body. Day 11 of our Challenge we’ll destabilize our planks by putting our feet up on the wall!

Planks, and its variations, are some of the best body weight only exercises you can do for serious results! No equipment necessary!

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Below are links to some equipment used to create this video. Some may contain affiliate links, which means /at no cost to you/ I may receive a small commission:

Camera (Phone)

Lifeform Mat

“Mic” (Earbuds)

8″ Ring Light and Tripod

4’x6′ nonslip Fitness Mat by Cambria

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