Day 2| Beginner Friendly 30 Day Abdominal Workout Series| Home Workout| No Equipment Needed

We’re back with a #beginnerfriendly 30 day #absworkout Series. With this series we want to start training our #abdominal muscles. This workout is best as part of an overall fitness program that includes cardio, HIIT, weights and endurance.

If you’re just starting out this is perfect because we ease you into these movements and repeat them daily. Each day we progressively overload by increasing the reps and length of movements to increase strength and endurance.

Day 2
15 Crunches
15 Leg Raises
15 Bicycle Crunches
15 second plank

***NUTRITION Tips to get You Started***
1. Drink Water! If drinking a gallon seems intimidating start with drinking a 16oz bottle of water and see how many times you can refill it throughout the day.
2. Drink 8oz of water 20-30 min before a meal
3. Pack your meals with protein! (Salmon, chicken, lean grass fed ground beef, ground bison etc) 25g of protein at least with each meal
4. Eat your fiber! Fiber will make you feel full longer – if your goal is weight loss (chia seeds, whole fruits and vegetables- oats, strawberries, quinoa, carrots, apples, kale, spinach, tomatoes, lentils)
5. Eliminate excess sugar! Check sugar content keep it 15g or less anything more is too much
6. Get that body moving! Include cardio, HIIT, endurance, weights as part of an overall fitness program. Shoot for 3-4x/week
7. Make sure you’re eating enough protein! Your muscles are made up of protein! This muscle speeds up your metabolism which in turn helps your body burn more fat! So if you’re having trouble getting your protein in, add protein shakes to your diet!
———— One of my favorite protein shakes is a blueberry banana shake:
3/4 scoop of your favorite protein,
50g banana,
28g chia seeds,
70g blueberries,
8oz unsweetened almond milk
3-4 ice cubes
Add everything to a blender and blend for 30-60 seconds. This is a great post workout smoothie to help your body recover 💙

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