4 Remedies That Make Gout Treatment at Home Easy

Most folks know it as gout. Some call it inflamatory arthritis. Whatever name you use to describe it, the fact remains that this condition causes sudden severe pain that can get unbearable and gout treatment at home becomes a must. Initially, gout attacks the big toe which makes it impossible to wear shoes. However, in some cases it can affect even the knee, ankle and surprisingly the wrist. Since the gout pain can be very severe, most people suffering from this condition will try to any form of gout treatment at home to relieve the pain. This is why we saw it necessary to discuss the best remedies that will provide gout pain relief in 2 hours or less.

What causes gout?

Gout is known to be caused by an organic element known as purine which is broken down in the body to form uric acid. Purine is found in alcohol, red meat, shell fish, and fructose. This acid forces the body to form a crystal that settles in the body’s joints. The white blood cells treat these crystals as intruders and begin “fighting” them by releasing chemical elements known as cytokines into the joints where these crystals are found. These chemical elements in turn attract more white blood cells into the joints to produce more cytokines, and the cycle goes on. This is what causes the swelling and pain in your joints.

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What’s the best gout treatment at home?

Well, there are a number of home remedies for gout pain. However, not all remedies can provide the quick relief that every person suffering from this condition will be in the look out for. Here are a few remedies that make gout treatment at home easier than ever.

1. Use cherry

The best way to deal with a problem is to address the root cause. Well, this is how cherry fruits work. They help eliminate the uric acid that causes the condition in the first place. A study was conducted on 633 participants in the Boston University Medical Center to find out the effectiveness of cherries in managing gout. The study showed that taking ten cherries a day helped reduce gout pain and prevent gout flares by 50% for up to 48 hours [1]. This is because cherries are rich in anthocyanins which help reduce the levels of uric acid in the body. The anthocyanins also have the antioxidant and the anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce the swelling.

2. Stay hydrated

Uric acid is flushed out of the body through urine. And since excess uric acid is the major culprit behind the gout attacks, the best way to handle the situation is focus on drinking plenty of fluids. Excessive fluid consumption helps eliminate the excess uric acid. Keeping uric acid under manageable levels is one of the best gout treatments at home. This in turn brings relief to the condition and suppresses the chances of getting future gout attacks. However, ensure that you don’t take alcohol and sweetened drinks since they can worsen the situation by increasing the levels of uric acid in the body.

3. Ice on joints

This is also another method that makes gout treatment at home a piece of cake. Icing is a less costly remedy that helps provide gout pain relief in 2 hours. Ice helps to dull the pain signals and reduce swelling. This is because ice has the properties of numbing the skin, reduces circulation of blood into the affected area, This in turn reduces the pain levels, and reduces the swelling and inflammation of the affected area.

4. Rest the affected area

When you are faced with a sudden gout attack, avoiding movement can help reduce the pain after some time. If possible, consider keeping the affected joint elevated above the heart while resting. You can place it on a soft raised surface such as on a pillow.


The fact remaians that not all remedies out there will make gout treatment at home a success. However, with our proven home remedies, you don’t have to wait for days for the pain to go away on its own. Therefore, if you need gout pain relief in 2 hours, consider one of these remedies.


[1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3510330/

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