Gestational Diabetes – Early Intervention Key To Best Outcome

This webinar, a knowledge sharing initiative by Jagsonpal with Lalita Memorial Hospital Infertility Center, Rewari is supported by Rewari Obs Gyn Society.

Convener & moderator: Dr. Seema Mittal: Director Lalita Memorial Hospital Infertility Center, Rewari, Infertility & Endoscopy Specialist, Past President ROGS.

a) Managing Gestational Diabetes Mellitus – Private Practitioner’s Algorithm by Dr. Poonam Shiv Kumar
b) Long Term Implications of GDM by Dr. Ashok Kumar
Dr. Surekha Yadav, Dr. Meena Khatri, Dr. Ratna Singhal, Dr. Richa Sharma
c) Panel Discussion with Dr. Anupam Sirohi, Dr. D’Pankar Banerji, Dr. Arun Agrawal, Dr. Dheeraj Kapoor

Grateful to ICOG for the accreditation of 1 ICOG point to all attendees of this webinar.

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