Intermediate Home Workout ( No Equipment) Build Muscle / Burn Fat

This a NO EQUIPMENT FAT BURNING HOME WORKOUT which only require a small place to TRAIN and some FREE TIME.

Warming up your body is important before hitting the workout.
Spending atleast 10 to 15 minute of dynamic warm up of light intensity.

This the intermediate workout to get you going and be active this year and simple exercises with greater emphasis on your body in burning those extra calories and give you an extra push to move your level a notch.

After each round pause the video and take 2 – 3 minutes rest.
Depending on how fit you are.
And this is only 18 min workout which u can push to achieve your goals and keep the body moving and burning those exta calories.

Important note :- This workout is for intermediate who want to start moving and keeping their body active. if u are an beginner’s or advanced then try my other workout.

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