Jimmy Rants Tidbit: What Is Jimmy Moore’s Role With Low-carb Keto In 2021?

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Today marks my 17th (I said 16th on the video, but I was mistaken) anniversary of going on a low-carb diet starting on January 1, 2004. As the years have passed since first learning about the damaging impact carbohydrates we’re having on my health, I’ve learned so many lessons about this way of eating and how it impacts me and the people who follow my work. But some days I question what my role is in this community anymore. ⁣

Honestly, I’ve been around for so long it’s almost more difficult now with all the people who have arrived on the scene in recent years to know how to distinguish myself. One way I do that is to always be honest and open with you guys about everything I’m going through to give context to the information I talk about.⁣

It’s not always pretty and packaged and it definitely doesn’t maximize my ability to monetize. I could not care less about that. That’s never been my focus. I’m about people—living, educating, encouraging, and inspiring them with knowledge from a regular guy just trying to make a difference in the world. ⁣

I think one of the reasons why I have stuck around for so long when others have fallen by the wayside is the fact that I’m driven by a constant hunger to learn more. Sometimes that sends me down rabbit holes of ideas that you don’t really hear a lot of other people talking about. It’s the joy of what I get to do constantly staying on top of anything that could help you guys be healthier. ⁣

If I had known I’d get Internet famous when I first started doing all this, then I don’t think I would’ve signed up for it. Anyone aspiring to be an influencer just needs to know there’s a lot of negative that comes from putting yourself out there. That should not hold you back, but it is a reality you need to come to terms with. ⁣

I’m really honored and blessed to get to do what I do and I plan on continuing to do it in 2021 and beyond!⁣

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