Cancer-causing glyphosate is “the most destructive chemical in our environment,” MIT scientist warns

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(NaturalHealth365) There’s a really good reason why Monsanto has been called “the world’s most evil corporation.” Since 1901, some of its creations include the artificial sweetener saccharine, pesticides laced with dioxin, Agent Orange, aspartame (created by its partner, G.D. Searle), and the most toxic chemical on the planet – glyphosate.  We are literally drowning in poisons because of Monsanto.

MIT scientist Stephanie Seneff, PhD, has warned for years about the ugly truth behind the most widely used herbicide in the world.  So what’s behind the epidemic rise in food allergies, digestive disorders, and nutrient deficiencies?

GMOs and Roundup fuel the ‘growing monster’ that dominates our food supply

Monsanto became this out-of-control corporate monster virtually immune from regulation or lawsuits.  Since the turn of this century, this evil empire has dominated the GMO market – while the U.S. government allows for massive environmental destruction due to the aerial spraying of toxic herbicides like Roundup. As a result, our food supply, waterways, and animal life are being poisoned – with no end in sight.

Dr. Seneff says, “glyphosate is far more toxic than we’ve been led to believe.  There has not been nearly enough research, and we’ve become very complacent in letting the population be the guinea pigs.”

The fact is we’ve been deceived for way too long.  Chemical companies want us to believe that GMOs and ‘modern’ farming practices will “feed the world” and require fewer chemicals.  Yet, chemical usage (by sales volume) keeps increasing.

We must stop this: Children with cancer are being fed glyphosate

“I find it astonishing that babies and children with cancer are being provided with nutrients through feeding tubes contaminated with glyphosate.  It should be obvious to medical professionals that it is essential to ensure that as few toxic chemicals as possible are present in enteral nutrition provided to seriously ill children.  This is a direct delivery system for glyphosate to the blood and to the tissues.  It should be undeniable that certified organic sources are the only viable option in such a situation,” according to Dr. Seneff.

For years, Dr. Seneff has been studying the steady rise in chronic illnesses that we see today, and she sees a direct correlation between the increased use of glyphosate and the growing number of sick people.  The biochemical effects of consuming glyphosate are devastating to human digestion.

At its core, glyphosate blocks nutrient absorption – which means that our society is literally starving itself to a slow, agonizing premature death.  (without informed consent)

The good news is that millions of people are waking up to all this deception in the name of profits over human health.  No doubt, it’s this human awakening that has many people in the corporate world and politics quite concerned.

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