Moderate blood sugar levels increase risk of cancer

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(NaturalHealth365)  Diabetes must not be ignored by anyone.  However, a surprise to most women, those with the highest blood sugar levels are significantly more likely to develop breast cancer.  Multiple studies have confirmed a positive association between insulin resistance and higher breast cancer incidence and mortality.

Shockingly, researchers also discovered that blood sugar levels do not have to be extremely high to see increased cancer risks.  A new study found that fasting blood glucose levels, even within the pre-diabetic range, were associated with a higher pancreatic cancer incidence rate.

Dangerous misconceptions about diabetes you should know

What is known is people with diabetes have a higher cancer risk – especially breast cancer.  But what is lesser known is those who have impaired glucose metabolism – which falls below the diagnostic threshold for diabetes – have an increased risk of cancer as well.

A Swedish study shows women with high blood sugar may be more likely to develop cancer, even if they don’t have diabetes.  In addition, a high glucose level is associated with a poorer outcome for people diagnosed with a malignancy.

A recent study of newly diagnosed non-small cell lung cancer patients showed a 69% increased risk of all causes of mortality – when fasting glucose was over 126 mg/dL.  Understand, this is not a particularly high blood sugar reading – conventionally speaking.

Women with fasting glucose over 89.5 mg/dL had a 44% increase in breast cancer incidence.  Plus, women with a fasting glucose level over 99.5 mg/dL had a 66% increased breast cancer risk – compared to those with lower fasting glucose levels.

Diabetes increases your risk for pancreatic cancer

A study conducted by Harvard Medical School found that women who ate high-glycemic foods that increase blood glucose levels as teenagers had a higher incidence of breast cancer later in life.

When researchers looked at specific types of cancer, they found that both men and women with the highest blood sugar levels were more likely to have pancreatic cancer, urinary tract cancer, and malignant melanoma than those with the lowest blood sugar levels.

So, what is the “take home” message?

It’s estimated that the average American eats almost their entire body weight in sugar – every year.  When you eat simple sugars, your blood sugar levels rise quickly, causing your pancreas to release a large amount of insulin.

Normal breast cells and cancer cells have insulin receptors on them.  When insulin attaches to the receptor, it has the same effect on the cell as when estrogen attaches to the receptor.  High insulin levels make more estrogen available to attach to the estrogen receptors in breast tissue.  Insulin regulates how much estrogen is available to attach to the receptors.

This is what happens after a high-sugar meal…

Research shows that your immune system function drops drastically right after you eat a high-sugar meal.  Sugar decreases T lymphocyte (a type of white blood cell) function by 50-94 percent.  This effect lasts for a minimum of five hours.

Bottom line: if you want a strong immune system to avoid cancer – eat lots of whole, unprocessed (organic) foods loaded with natural fiber, complex carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats to reduce stress on your biological systems.

How do I prevent highly toxic, excess insulin levels?

Insulin becomes a toxic hormone in people who secrete levels above average.  Therefore, reducing excess serum insulin is of utmost importance for overall health.  To avoid consuming glucose-spiking foods and drinks means avoiding fruit juices as well as refined grains.  Conversely, oatmeal, barley, cinnamon, and green coffee beans have been shown to lower blood sugar levels.

Exercise lowers blood sugar levels, according to the U.S. National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.  Muscles use glucose as fuel, so any type of activity can bring blood sugar levels down.

One word of caution, many diabetics experience blood sugar spikes and/or imbalances due to electromagnetic pollution (EMF).  It’s best to avoid cordless phones and wireless routers, minimize cell phone usage, and exercise in natural settings – to avoid excess EMF pollution from treadmills and other electronic equipment.

Studies indicate that only a small amount of excess sugar consumption each day can create problems with insulin regulation.  Stevia, luo han guo, and xylitol are good sugar substitutes.

Obviously, overeating will cause greater amounts of insulin to be secreted from the pancreas.  A poor diet is a crucial factor contributing to the loss of insulin sensitivity.  The loss of insulin sensitivity contributes to excess insulin release – as the body tries to force serum glucose into cells.

What is insulin sensitivity?

Insulin sensitivity describes how sensitive the body is to the effects of insulin.  Conventionally speaking, someone said to be insulin resistant will require more insulin from either the pancreas or by injection to lower blood glucose levels.  Simply put, maintaining low insulin levels is a good idea and too much insulin in the body can cause obesity, hypertension, heart disease, and even cancer.

The best protection from producing high insulin levels is an organic diet – focusing on plant-based foods along with some grass-fed animal products – although it is not required – for optimal health.  Naturally, if you’re suffering from blood sugar issues, it’s best to work with a holistically-minded physician for the best results.

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