User Review: Keto Snacks Care Package: Ultra Low Carb, Low Sugar,high Fat Ketogenic Diet Snacks…

Try Prime Discounted Monthly Offering START 30-DAY FREE TRIAL – KETO Snacks care package: Ultra Low Carb, Low Sugar,High Fat Ketogenic Diet Snacks, Keto Bars, Cookies, Keto Jerky & Pork …

KETO Snacks care package: Ultra Low Carb, Low Sugar,High Fat Ketogenic Diet Snacks, Keto Bars, Cookies, Keto Jerky & Pork …

man crates – michael opens a gift from our sponsor man crates…
ıs michael man enough for man crates?

visit for a full review of man crates. to be honest we had no idea what was in the brick when we got the box so we wanted to film and unboxing and review of this gift box from man crates since the previous boxes we received from them have been such a hit!..

at man crates we’re committed to making gifts that men love and that they’re sure to remember. the story of man crates (presented by fedex).

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Good mix of sweet and savory. Great to have some snacks on the house. They were good quality. Warning, I noticed some items have sugar. But every item was fresh and tasted great. Every item was usable.
I liked the idea of a sampler box to try the items before purchasing a ton of them. I did like most of the snacks. I did give me an idea on ordering specific items after receiving this box.
I should have done more research on this box as it was pricey for the 12 items in the box.
There are a lot of diet products out there that claim they taste just like the real thing. After believing them, ordering them, spitting them out, looking at the package in disgust and saying, “Liar.
Not even close to tasting like the real thing.” I saw this and it solved that problem. Very clever idea for people starting a new diet.
I liked most of the items in the box and most of the items I was wanting to try, the rest were products I had never heard of, but really liked them.
The first box was excellent I am not sure the quest cookie is Keto though. I loved all the different products I never even would have known about. The bhu product was awesome!!!
I do reccomend this box snacks especially for gifts.I tell you what Mr James goal is to satisfy his customers.If you want something to snack on that not loaded with carbs and sugar ,this box is for you.Try It!!
Surprised at the variety in this pack. Lots of crunchy things, which I like. Kept me from overeating while stuck at home. Most people would like the flavors and the variety of snacks.
I would like to take the box of snacks on a long road trip. Better than salty, greasy chips. Try them, I think you will like them.
Love all the snacks in this box! This is so important to have while on a keto diet so that you don’t go hungry! Love how there’s sweet options too! The bulletproof bars and BHU brownie cookie are my favorites! Thank you will definitely repurchase
So far I havent gone through the whole box, but what I have gone through was very good. I know that this is a healthy substitute for snacking so Im not expecting everything to taste like regular snacks.
The packing was well done and it came very quickly in the mail.
This had a lot of variety and it was a nice surprise gift for my husband. I wish keto products weren’t so expensive, but it wasn’t too bad considering everything that was included. The smartcakes were the best!
Its good quality and quantity but for my personal tastes i didnt like the products themselves. I enjoyed the beef sticks, cookie, and seeds was not a fan of anything else. It wasnt because product was bad. My husband enjoyed all of it.
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KETO Snacks care package: Ultra Low Carb, Low Sugar,High Fat Ketogenic Diet Snacks, Keto Bars, Cookies, Keto Jerky & Pork …

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